Aug 25, 2020 |

Penelope Knox

I have always wanted to be a coach as I have been inspired by all the amazing coaches I have had whilst I was playing.

Who is your favourite team and who is your favourite player?

My favourite team would definitely be our Aussie girls – the Matildas, and my favourite player is Sam Kerr.

Tell us about your journey within football and what initially got you involved in coaching?

I started football at the grassroots level playing for my local NSFA club, Highfield family (now part of Lindfield FC). After several years, I then joined Northern Tigers, playing in the mixed SAP team. From there, I moved to the women’s side playing in both development SAP and NPL 1 and 2 teams for 6 years. I had some amazing coaches including; Irini, Steve, Eilidh and Andrew, and had several successful seasons. Now I am playing in Reserve Grade for Gladesville Ravens.

I have always wanted to be a coach as I have been inspired by all the amazing coaches I have had whilst I was playing. They all made football so much fun, coming up with some really creative games to get my teams and I motivated, so I want to make sure every kid gets this same experience. A few years ago, I enrolled in a coaching course at NTRA and at the end of it, I asked the coordinator if there were any coaching opportunities and they directed me to XLR8!

Who’s been your biggest influence within football coaching – and why?

My own coaches! As before, through my football journey I have had some passionate coaches. A special mention to the five female coaches I had, who have been role models to me. Sometimes when I design a session, I reflect upon how my coaches taught and explained football to me in a fun way. Also, now through XLR8, I have the opportunity to work with and learn directly from some of the Tigers coaches.

Why do you coach with XLR8 and what do you love most about coaching?

The XLR8 community has a very positive and fun culture, all the players and coaches love the game and work hard.

There are many great things about coaching including, the football, working in an outdoor environment and seeing how the players grow; but the best thing is when all the players and coaches are having fun through football together.

Describe a moment that has challenged you as a coach, and how did you overcome it?

Often during cold and rainy weather, it is hard to keep the tiger cubs engaged. My strategy is to keep the session energetic with running games and movement with the ball as well as lots of star jumps!

What would be your advice to coaches and players that strive to improve themselves?

Give it a go! Don’t be afraid to take a risk and try something new! Say yes to everything and ask questions!

In one word describe your role as a coach?

Making football fun – I know that’s 3 words but the most important role of a coach to me!