Terms of Registration

1.1 Program Details

XLR8 Player Development, managed by Northern Suburbs Football Association Limited, “XLR8” reserves the right to change any of the program details including locations, dates and starting or finishing times at any point in time.

XLR8 in its absolute discretion reserves the right to not accept a participant’s registration for programs.

1.2 Venue & Equipment

Registrants must follow all directions from XLR8 coaches, staff and other official representatives in relation to treatment of program venue(s) venue property and equipment.  XLR8 will not be liable for any matters related to damage to program venue, property and equipment and will pass on any incurred costs as a result of damage to the participant/s at fault.

1.3 Cancellation, Refunds and Credits

Once your registration is sent to XLR8 you cannot cancel your booking. Refunds and exchanges are allowed only as expressed in this policy.

We do process refunds less the sessions attended and administration cost of $10. Refunds can be obtained by emailing XLR8@nsfa.asn.au.

Cancellations By You

In the event that after a registration is received, the participant injures themselves or is unable to attend due to medical reasons, a medical certificate must be supplied to XLR8 covering the program dates. If this is supplied, the participant will be issued a credit to the following holiday period for the reciprocal time missed due to injury or illness.

Cancellations by XLR8

In the circumstance that the program is cancelled due to extreme weather or closed fields beyond XLR8’s control, we will endeavour to schedule make-up sessions within a reasonable timeframe or provide a credit/refund for program registration fees gathered by XLR8.

XLR8 also reserves the right to cancel any registrations at any time if, in the club’s opinion, a participant engages in disruptive behaviour which is deemed inappropriate (physically or emotionally), or conduct actually or likely to be harmful, to fellow participants, coaches, staff members or other related parties.

1.4 Privacy

XLR8 respects the privacy of the individuals on whom it collects, uses and discloses personal information. The personal information that XLR8 collects is used for the purpose of processing your registration and providing you with football-related information and offers from XLR8.

XLR8 abides by the privacy policy of Northern Suburbs Football Association Limited, which can be viewed at: https://nsfa.asn.au/the-association/policies/

1.5 Communications & Marketing

XLR8 will collect the email address of the primary contact of each participant and use this as a primary method to communicate key information prior to and after the program. Given the operational nature of these communications, these communications cannot be opted out of, but they will cease no later than 2 weeks after the end of the selected program.

In addition, the primary contact will be added to XLR8’s marketing database for future club events. These communications can be opted out of at any time at the bottom of any email received by the club, or by emailing newsletters@nsfa.asn.au.

1.6 Use of Images

XLR8 advises that photographic and film images of participants at each program may be used for the purpose of promotion and marketing of XLR8 and future programs.

If you do not wish the participant to be used, you must provide your non-approval in writing to XLR8.

1.7 Liability of Injury & Sickness

The participant and their parent/s or guardian/s agrees that by submitting their registration and participating in the program, they have voluntarily accepted the risks of physical sickness or injury, including serious injury such as permanent disability, paralysis or even death. The participant and their parent/s or guardian/s acknowledge that they are voluntarily participating in the program with knowledge of the potential dangers and/or risks involved, whether those risks are known or unknown.

As a condition of being allowed to participate in the program, the Participant and their parent or guardian agree; (i) to release and hold harmless Northern Suburbs Football Association Limited, its directors, employees, contractors, partnered football associations from; and (ii) XLR8 is not liable for costs or loss arising from, and incurred in connection with damage, loss, injury or death; except to the extent that is contributed by XLR8 in breach of these terms and conditions, contravention of the law, breach of duty, wrongful act or omission, negligence or default.

You also acknowledge that XLR8 does not have in place any personal accident insurance policy that would provide the participant with any compensation or benefits in the event of any Participant being injured.

It is a condition of registration that all participants have private health insurance and ambulance cover as any injury or incident requiring medical assistance will result in additional expense to the participant or their parent.

1.8 Liability of personal items

XLR8 accepts no responsibility for personal items that are lost during programs. XLR8 reserve the right to discard of any unclaimed items after 10 business days.