Jan 7, 2022 |

Development Officer Spotlight: Kristi Murphy

Our Development Officers help in the management of both our in-club programs and our various association programs.

What are you most excited about for the 2022 Grassroots Football Season?

I am very excited to kick off my new Development Officer role for Northern Galaxy and buzzing to help drive the continued growth of the female game across the NSFA. It’s an exciting challenge and I’m thoroughly looking forward to helping progress Northern Galaxy’s ambitions to have representation in the Diamond League in the very near future.

Tell us about your journey within football and what initially got you involved in coaching?

My first ever coaching opportunity arose when I was 12 years old and was through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. I was offered the chance to coach my brothers U7 football team as a volunteer.  That was the moment which planted the seed for my coaching career even though I didn’t realise it until about 5 years later! Since then, I have coached football to children from the ages of 18 months old to 18 years of age. Within the past 10 years I have been very fortunate to travel overseas and have coached in UK, Canada and USA – and now my home in Australia!

Who’s been your biggest influence within football coaching – and why?

I would have to say the biggest influence I have within football is my Dad Colin – he was the one who got me into football from a very young age and taught me a lot about the beautiful game. Dad’s always been a fantastic sounding board for all my crazy coaching ventures and ideas throughout the past 10 years and I am really thankful that he believes in me and trusts in everything I do.

Another person would be my old coaching mentor Paul Mulligan. Paul’s a big role model for how I coach and I am super grateful that I have learnt so much from him and I’m still able to go to Paul for advise and guidance which is great.

Why do you coach with XLR8 and what do you love most about coaching?

I coach with XLR8 as they continue to provide exciting growth and learning opportunities which has really broadened my horizons and aspirations as a coach. I also really love the values and positive culture within the XLR8 team.

The thing I love most about coaching is influencing players of all levels and abilities and I really enjoy seeing that “spark” moment for players where they have been trying to master a new skill or technique and then that moment of joy of seeing them “getting it” is fantastic!

In one word describe your role as a coach?

Role Model (sorry that’s 2 words) – I love being able to show that anything is possible to both young players and coaches alike!